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Psychotherapy Practice Room 1010 Vienna - Dr. Teuschl

Psychotherapy –  Talk to unburden

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Happy people are all alike; every unhappy person is unhappy in its own way.
~ Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina, Chapter 1 (modified text)[1]

Talk therapy

Professional help with emotional problems

Therapy is time well spent. It offers long-lasting benefits and remains useful to you for a long time.
Professional problem solving provides support to get to the root of your problems.

To reduce suffering and distress is the goal – asking for help means taking the 1. step

The therapeutic conversation is based on empathetic understanding, positive regard as well as being free from prejudice.

It is the foundation of trust and the time when you do something essential and valuable for yourself.

I have been working as a psychotherapist since 2011 and have been able to successfully support many people.

With expertise and professional experience, I can also help you find new perspectives and make improvements and transform your life for the better.

Since 2015 I have been running my practice as a licensed therapist in the 1st district in Vienna.

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  • By underground:
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    • U3: Stephansplatzor Herrengasse
    • U4: Oper/Karlsplatz (directions_walk12min)
  • By bus:
    • 1A, 2A: Habsburgergasseor Graben/Petersplatz
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Dr. Sophie L. Teuschl Psychotherapist 1010 Vienna

Reasons for psychotherapy

Psychological stress can manifest itself in many different ways - to a greater or lesser extent.

Once the quality of life is negatively affected, psychotherapy can help.

It can be very helpful to find solutions to everyday concerns and problems as well as to overcome emotional challenges, that might otherwise lead to self-doubt, distress and depressed mood.

Even in the absence of a problem, one can take a few therapy sessions (as part of routine health care check-ups).

First session & schedule planning

The first session takes about 60 minutes.
It serves to get an initial overview on the situation (concern, therapy goal) and accordingly outline a treatment plan; this means you will receive information on

  • the type of the treatment
    (procedure during therapy sessions)
  • the scope of the treatment
    (est. number of sessions required)
  • the prospects for therapy success.

Regularity contributes to long-term success

Talk therapy: 1x per week

Therapy duration

Average duration: ca.  8 – 10 months
Short-term therapy: ca. 3 months
Long-term therapy: ca. 1.5 years plus

How long psychotherapy takes is individually different, it cannot be generally determined. Basically, it depends on

  • the severity of the problem
  • the therapy goals and
  • your compliance to actively participate during therapy.

Positive effects show soon after a few therapy sessions already.

Self-payer — partial reimbursement

Please note, currently there are no available therapy spots fully covered by insurance.
Therefore the fee note must be paid by the patient.

Partial reimbursement (“Kostenzuschuss”) may be applied for.
Most health insurance companies will refund you 28€/session,
SVS and BVAEB refund you 40€/session.