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Empathy, Authenticity & Positive Regard

Efficient, contemporary psychotherapy

Since 2015 I am a registered person-centered psychotherapist. I completed my studies of psychotherapy sciences at the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna and at the University of Derby in England and graduated with a master’s and doctoral degree.

During my university studies I gained several years of subject-specific practical experience. The topics of my scientific work and publication were neurobiological concepts of processing of experiences, memory, sleep research, resilience, empathy and psychocardiology.

Specialist interests include ADHD, Psycho-Cardiology und Psycho-Oncology.

I offer therapy in English and German.

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Person-centered psychotherapist

Mind & Health –
Your future

Psychotherapy - adapted to your personal needs and therapy goals

Psychotherapy helps to overcome individual life circumstances, social pressure to perform and succeed or failure or crisis like it is with the corona virus pandemic. Discrepancy in the work-life balance, enduring (everyday) slights and offenses, loss, sudden termination of work, lack of assertiveness or illness demand a lot of energy.

Stress has many faces, they affect the quality of life. In order to better overcome difficult times without negative consequences, therapeutic help and support are needed. A lack of understanding in the immediate social environment often induces those affected to trivialize or even deny stress and emotional strain as well as psychological and physical signals. Melancholy feeling of sadness and despair, mental exhaustion, sleep problems, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome or a weakened immune system are warning signals. Early as well as prolonged psychosomatic symptoms, which have no organic cause, can result in consequential development of physical manifestation that in later stages become a clinically verified, e.g. heart problems.
You should therefore start psychotherapy right in time.

Person-centered psychotherapy (PCP) is an acknowledged scientific method of treatment to learn how to solve your urgent problems focusing on the present rather than the past. In a goal-oriented person-centered psychotherapy, it is important to focus on proceeding in a solution- and future-oriented way, in order to establish your quality of life. Together we enhance your emotional stability and develop your best individual strategies, which make you more resilient you for your future. Many psychological complaints can be improved by psychotherapy and the suffering can be reduced.

Your health becomes a common goal. Body and soul are interconnected and therefore must be viewed and treated holistically is the program. A recommendation for a medical check-up can lead to a complementary psychopharmacological treatment. It promotes the psychotherapeutic process and facilitates your recovery.

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