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Reason for psychotherapy

Is something bothering you?

If your answer is

„Yes“    „Maybe“   „A little bit“

➤  Then, psychotherapy will help!

Any stress - regardless of its type and extent - can impair the quality of life and cloud personal well-being. There is an indication for therapy.
The earlier you start a psychotherapy, the sooner and easier emotional strain can be reduced and remedied.

Recognize emotional stress

Start your therapy NOW!

“Warning signals” sometimes are just subliminal, sometimes clearly noticeable.

Psychological stress can appear in various symptoms and sensations, e.g.

  • lack of concentration
  • hyperactivity
  • general weakness and feeling of sadness and despair
  • “unusual” exuberant emotional reactions,
    e.g. “crying easily” or “reacting irritated too quickly and without any reason”
  • self-doubt
  • sleeping problems
  • mental exhaustion
  • social withdrawal
  • psychosomatic complaints, e.g. heartburn or abdominal cramps

Causes for emotional stress

Every “still so small” emotional stress needs to be taken seriously!

No reason to feel ashamed about it.

  • overload
  • pressure to perform and succeed
  • little free time, little relaxation
  • recent changes in life (breakup, divorce)
  • physical & emotional problems
  • slights and offenses
  • unhappiness
  • because you “always only” take care of the needs of others and ignore your own needs

Psychotherapy as precaution

Just a few psychotherapeutic sessions can have a preventive effect.
Do not let your worries become problems.

Discuss with me what is currently bothering you. The aim is to remain self-determined.

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