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Statutory duty of secrecy – Professional principle

Every psychotherapist is obligated, as pursuant to professional rules of psychotherapy law, to maintain secrecy.

This means that neither your personal data, nor therapy content and “secrets” nor documents that are subject to the obligation of documentation will be passed on to any third party. Confidentiality is maintained at all times, even after the end of therapy.

As in every doctor-patient relationship, confidentiality is the basis for your confidence in our psychotherapist-patient relationship, the so-called “therapeutic alliance”.

Safety information:
During communication via e-mail or online communication services, confidentiality may not or only partially be guaranteed, for reasons over which neither the therapist nor the patient has any influence.

The legal obligation of documentation according to psychotherapy law §16, 16a includes i.a.:

  • personal data
    (name, date of birth, address, phone number, e-Mail-address, insurance number)
  • history of the problems and other (medical) diseases, previous diagnosis and previous course of illness
  • written agreements
    (e.g. regarding treatment, fees and billing agreement, Cancellation & No-show policy)
  • informed consent and corresponding information
  • beginning, course und ending of psychotherapeutic services
  • kind and scope of counselling or treatment interventions as well as diagnostic services and evaluation results
  • recommendation for additional medical services
  • consultations of health professionals or social workers
  • copies of issued export reports and/or other documents
    (e.g. pre-existing records that you provide)
  • duplicates of issued fee notes and receipts

Pursuant to the legal obligation of retention of records, after the therapy has ended, these documents are retained for ten years and will be destroyed afterwards.

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